April 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

She stands.

One singular spotlight.

This is a dare, a very naughty dare that she intends to complete successfully

As the lights come up and the low beat of the music starts, she feels the heat of the audience below her.

She can feel their devouring glares.

Taking her whole body in in one gulp.

Covered in gems of every possible colour and draped in silks and diamond knickers and bra.

She is gorgeous.

Her hair feels so light, as the long dark curls hit her back in suspension.

Her legs burning with desire to move and lead her.

Her pussy starts to tense with pleasure, as she feels herself getting wetter and wetter with anticipation.

The tint of her red lips shines above all else.

She is a very naughty girl!

Before she knows it.

Her hips start to move with the soft hum of the music, as the beat gradually builds up.

Her toes point graciously in the shadows, as her mind feels trapped and held in a trance she cannot control.

She’s fixated on the beat, finding it hard not to move.

Her back arches.

Her arms raise.

She feels herself slink and crawl across the stage.

But now shes in charge.

Feeling amazing.

Truth or dare.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ 2 Responses to Eyes

  • Just maybe says:

    Great stuff – and good to see articulate, intelligent writing. x

  • prisonteacher says:

    This is how your entire blog begins. Then I see this as you, the adventurist, on the blog stage, about to do your spellbinding dance as much for yourself as us.

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