May 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

She was beautiful, her lips so tender and delicate, her frame tiny, like a ballerina so delicate and graceful.

The way she walked, her feet airing the ground, creating a presence so intoxicating, that your breath became ragged out like the end of a ripped piece of material in the cold winter’s night air.

Her life was of amazement.

Dazzling clothes in rich purples and oranges, fit for a king.

Jewels that sparkled and hung in there glory on the ears and necks of the rich.

Silks and cashmere layered curtains that flowed and sheets of delight, for whoever laid within them felt there skin tingle with joy. 

She was the star, the trophy of love and passion and she had the world at her feet.

As she walked onto the stage men and women were in awe, the way her slinky hips moved from side to side.

Her dark chocolate curled hair framed her shoulders and hit the back of her so perfectly.

She was a goddess, a muse and every man wanted her from the moment they laid eyes on her or felt her breath on the back of their necks so tenderly.

She had so much power, so much control that she could make men do and believe whatever they wanted to believe.

She was there fetish, there passion, there drug and they couldn’t get enough of the addiction.

After her shows she would choose one man to delight and celebrate with.

One man that could have whatever he wanted.

No price. No glass. Just him and her.

   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Her room was of amazement in itself.

Sloping deep crimson red walls, with cream slopes on the opposite side, silver chandeliers writhed her ceilings, candles of every scent sheltered her mantelpieces and a subtle fire of bewilderment glowed in the background

 This one was tall, dark haired and had the eyes of blazing blues, like different shades of the sea when at its peak, thunderous and dominating.

He was beautiful and she couldn’t wait to unveil the most exciting part of him, the part of him that she wanted to devour with her mouth, her hands and with her prize position.

She wanted to feel him deeply inside of her, feel his hands unleash the stories within her body.

See his glorious head of locks between her thighs devouring every part of her that was now burning for him.

*   *   *   *   *   *    *

Slowly she lay back on her bed, her red rosy suspenders lay across her legs perfectly tight, and her rouge red satin silk bra pushed her pale breasts up gloriously.

Layered on her lips was a beautiful shade of red shine that tinted them to perfection.

She was beautiful in every way.

As the man approached, her eyes shut slightly, his hands slowly ran traces over her smooth pale body, slowly teasing her nipples, suckling them between his teeth so passionately she could feel goose bumps layer there spell.

Her body lifted in ecstasy. Moans escaped from her lips, raising her body for easy access.

Slowly he reached the part of her that was now dying for his attention. Lowering his head he took her all in his mouth, devouring her clitoris, licking in and out of the cave of sweet juices that was now pouring from her, leaking like fountains escaping from there entrapment.

His head twisted and turned in joy. He loved giving her pleasure, for he had fallen for her, like every man that had tasted, smelt or touched her, for she had a power to do anything she liked.

Her body yearned for more, her head thrown back, her body twisting like a snake so beautifully.

She was on the brink of her awakening, until he stopped and lay on top of the beauty that lay beneath him and slowly entered her.

He was huge, his penis so smooth yet rough and manly, she was in heaven.  In and out it flowed, that finally both came in unison, collapsing in each other’s arms.

Out of breath and in silhouette. For this was the night that she experienced every night, in the coldness when the fire finally burnt out.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe



May 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

Tiny droplets fell down her body, leaving tiny trails of light all over.

As the sun cascaded through the open windows, imprints of sun hit her breasts perfectly, outlining every curve and peak to perfection.

It felt amazing.

The water teasing her

Making her toes curl at the pleasure.

Her hair lightly clinging to her back, as each shine fell and curled around her.

As he entered, She felt his presence straight away, his warmth completely taking over her.

Her heart clenched tightly in her chest, as he ran his hands along the curve of her back and around her shoulder blades.

Lowering his head, he caught her lips, delivering hot and passionate kisses, devouring her with his very talented lips.

Leaning back against his chest, she felt it lightly flex underneath her, his strong arms pulling her down gradually.

By this moment she had lost all self control.

Lowering her further down into the smooth white tub on her back.

The coldness making her shiver.

Pushing her back, she could feel his firm erection pressing against her thigh, that sent shivers all over her. 

Kissing and sucking her neck, his lips gently touching her erect nipples, easing them one at a time into his mouth.

Swirling his tongue around them gracefully, pouting his lips to receive them.

Moans escaping her mouth.

Her body tensing under his pure touch.

Dipping his hand lower down, he finally reached that part of her that was now craving for his attention.

Rolling his finger around her clit.

Pushing against her core.

She could feel herself opening up to his touch.

Breathless and whimpering for him to enter her, he suddenly plunged himself deep.

Deep into her.

Filling her up and tipping her over the edge.

She couldn’t hold back anymore.

She could feel herself releasing.

With one hot arch of her back.

Her legs wrapping round his waist hard.

Head thrown back.

Her body quivered and shook violently around him.

Sweat leaving trails down her back.

All she had to do was look up.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


May 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

She could see him.

Waiting there, right there.

Scents of hot Cinnamon and fresh cream filled her nostrils.

She could feel her body tensing with anticipation.

Trails of goose bumps walking up and down her spine teasingly.

As she walked further down the road, sounds of people surrounding her senses.

She could feel his gaze.

Heated, true, passionate and naked.

Moving faster, the dark brown curls of her hair hitting her back.

Her heart beating insanely, allowing her breasts to be restricted against the lining of her dress.

He was now so close, following her every turn and step.



Reaching the alley that she knew so well, she walked much faster.

Her breath quickening.

Suddenly she felt strong arms caress her.

hold her close and tight.

Hot gasps left her mouth.

Her hands now shaking.

Holding her, he placed a silk material over her delicate eyes.

Darkness was all that she could see now.

Being guided further, she suddenly felt rough hard stone against her back.

The coldness hitting her like a thousand knives that made her gasp unexpectedly.

 She felt lips against her neck.

Soft and new.

Breath being blown against her ears.

Reaching further and pushing her harder.

Hands caressing her every secret.

Her head being thrown back.

Sweat leaving paths down her breasts.

Legs wrapped round.

Fingers entered.

Tongues tasted.

This was such a naughty treat.

She could feel it.

The tension.

The warmth.

She new what was coming.

He knew he wouldn’t let her go until she came.

She struggled.



Until sudden release hit her.

Hard and fast.

Was this a dream?

Or really in the present?

Because now she wanted more.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


May 16, 2008 § 2 Comments

She needed him.

She couldn’t hold on much longer.

Her body felt energized, but it needed release.

She felt hot.

She felt new.

She felt so open in that moment as she lay on the bed.

Her fuchsia suspenders across her thighs, that gleamed with presence.

Her breasts framed and pushed by a matching lace bra.

No knickers.

He was amazing.

Leaning over her.

Looking down upon her.

Stretching his hands across her skin.

Coming to life.

Gently manoeuvring his fingertips to her now aching clit.

Rubbing and circling, tapping and teasing.

She could feel herself building up.

She could feel his throbbing cock through his trousers.

Knowing how much it needed to be freed.

She wanted to taste it, feel it in her mouth.

Smell and feel his cum dribble slowly down her throat.

He knows this.

He knows what she want.

She wanted engulf all of it into her mouth.

Run her tongue round the rim delicately.

Run her hands around and around.

Already she could feel herself cumming.

Ready to release.

He knows her.

He knows what she needs.

What she wants.

This is her passion.

Her obsession.

Is that a crime?


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe

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