May 16, 2008 § 2 Comments

She needed him.

She couldn’t hold on much longer.

Her body felt energized, but it needed release.

She felt hot.

She felt new.

She felt so open in that moment as she lay on the bed.

Her fuchsia suspenders across her thighs, that gleamed with presence.

Her breasts framed and pushed by a matching lace bra.

No knickers.

He was amazing.

Leaning over her.

Looking down upon her.

Stretching his hands across her skin.

Coming to life.

Gently manoeuvring his fingertips to her now aching clit.

Rubbing and circling, tapping and teasing.

She could feel herself building up.

She could feel his throbbing cock through his trousers.

Knowing how much it needed to be freed.

She wanted to taste it, feel it in her mouth.

Smell and feel his cum dribble slowly down her throat.

He knows this.

He knows what she want.

She wanted engulf all of it into her mouth.

Run her tongue round the rim delicately.

Run her hands around and around.

Already she could feel herself cumming.

Ready to release.

He knows her.

He knows what she needs.

What she wants.

This is her passion.

Her obsession.

Is that a crime?


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ 2 Responses to Life

  • Rick says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Just read through your blogs. I surprised myself in that I actually did read them all – great literary skills you’ve got there and I love the way your mind works. Very naughty – or is it good?! I can never decide

  • prisonteacher says:

    No, no crime (last line reference). The only misdemeanor, perhaps, is not knowing how the man fared after he had brought you off!

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