May 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

She could see him.

Waiting there, right there.

Scents of hot Cinnamon and fresh cream filled her nostrils.

She could feel her body tensing with anticipation.

Trails of goose bumps walking up and down her spine teasingly.

As she walked further down the road, sounds of people surrounding her senses.

She could feel his gaze.

Heated, true, passionate and naked.

Moving faster, the dark brown curls of her hair hitting her back.

Her heart beating insanely, allowing her breasts to be restricted against the lining of her dress.

He was now so close, following her every turn and step.



Reaching the alley that she knew so well, she walked much faster.

Her breath quickening.

Suddenly she felt strong arms caress her.

hold her close and tight.

Hot gasps left her mouth.

Her hands now shaking.

Holding her, he placed a silk material over her delicate eyes.

Darkness was all that she could see now.

Being guided further, she suddenly felt rough hard stone against her back.

The coldness hitting her like a thousand knives that made her gasp unexpectedly.

 She felt lips against her neck.

Soft and new.

Breath being blown against her ears.

Reaching further and pushing her harder.

Hands caressing her every secret.

Her head being thrown back.

Sweat leaving paths down her breasts.

Legs wrapped round.

Fingers entered.

Tongues tasted.

This was such a naughty treat.

She could feel it.

The tension.

The warmth.

She new what was coming.

He knew he wouldn’t let her go until she came.

She struggled.



Until sudden release hit her.

Hard and fast.

Was this a dream?

Or really in the present?

Because now she wanted more.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ 2 Responses to Blue

  • Mike says:

    Not bad at all 🙂

    It would be nice if they were longer though. Keep it up and so will I 😉

  • prisonteacher says:

    Heated. I’m not into bdsm much at all, but I admit this was exciting to live it vicariously through you.

    Maybe I should get blindfold after all…?

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