June 3, 2008 § 11 Comments

Clothes off, slipping down her hips, landing on the glass floor beneath her.

Hands tracing stories of discovery.

Lily’s thrown to the floor, scattered petals everywhere.

Burning a scent in her mind.

Kisses that burn passion against her skin.

Fingers creating immense pleasure.

Glass and beams don’t exist to hide her.

Silks, glitter and flame hit her every inch.

Leaving marks of beauty.

You can’t scratch her surface.

You can control her being.

You can pull pleasure from her body like no other.

Moans, beads of sweat leave her.

Carvings of love on trees.

She needs you.

Touch her.

Feel her.

Make her cum.

Cum again and again.


Her defenses are down.

She’s falling into you.

Hold her and be gentle.

Make her yours.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ 11 Responses to Breath

  • stu says:

    love it, your good, very good, and very bad lol

  • Anders says:

    Great writing, you set the scene perfectly. trully stunning work

  • simon Gale says:

    Oh my word, i found your add on another website SH……

    and i thought i would check you out, and i now find myself sitting here so turned on by your writing, would love the opportunity to meet you thats for sure !!!

    Si x x

  • Tom says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing writing. I saw your ad on SH. simmerz on there. Your imagination is incredible! Tom x

  • Becki Boo! says:

    Hey babe!!
    This is sooo good 🙂
    I love it!
    I’ve been checking since your last post for a new one and its eventually come up haha and it is so good babe.
    Keep them coming haha.
    Love you

  • Andi says:

    wow, love this work, very erotic and explicit in parts – his thick shaft in my mouth, and the sensous descriptions of underwear and how it makes you feel, the secret of what is under your clothes…very erotic and imaginative – cetainly got me hot.

    love the sheer audacity of taking knickers down and spreading legs. ohh and the love of underwear,,,ohhhhh!!

    cannot wait to read more. You naughty sexy girl.


  • Dave says:

    Wow! I cannot believe how diligent you are with your blogs, you have thousands of words on this site and still more to come. Well done!

    I saw your advert on SH and I am interested in getting to know you with the intention of “scratching the surface” to reveal your inner sex kitten and build up the static for a mind blowing storm … Your imagination is the driving force of the storm … and I, the catalyst.

    Dave xxx

  • Marc says:

    The writing is amazing, keep up the good work. The words just flow off the page and make me tingle with excitement at the thought that writing this stuff gets you turned on. Keep it up.

  • Zac says:


    Hugely impressive and erotic writing. I’d love to know the person behind the pen.


  • S Garcia says:

    fantastic imagination, sexy and erotic, just the way i like it. You have class, sexiness and id love a date…lets see how sexy you are in person… come and get me!


  • James Wanna says:

    I love your writing…… I wish you were nearby so I could experience your passion…lol

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