June 10, 2008 § 1 Comment

Stepping through the tall metal gate ahead of them, she took his hand in hers.

Her eyes having to fully adjust to what was going on around her.

Dancing, twirls.

People surrounding them.

 Couples old and young.

Horses prancing around.

She could feel the smile creeping across her face gradually.

The smell of sugary doughnuts and hot chocolate filled her senses, creating a homely sense to them that send butterfiles into her stomach.

Rides of every shape and size.

Their colours reflecting shadows onto the muddy grass under their feet.

Laughter and screams filled the nights air.

It was exciting and exhilarating all in one.

Costumes to delight.

Glitter, feathers of amazement and fishnet stockings.

Naughty treats and naughty thoughts.

He knew she’d love this and he knew how to spoil her.

She remembered the carnival from when she was a little girl.

Mesmerized by the smells and colours, shows and people.

Hot winding candyfloss that her mother would remind her rotted her teeth if she had too much and her father that would keep sneakily buying her more!

Suddenly before she could gather her thoughts, he took her hand and guided her to the large caress wheel lighted up unconditionally in the middle.

You couldn’t miss it.

His smile glowing on his face as he looked back at her.

Climbing on carefully, it started to move.

Turning into the sky that lay so close to them, you could almost touch it.

They were alone and in love.

His lips pressed against hers, leaving tiny trails of pleasure in their wake.

His kisses more urgent.

She pulled him closer to her, feeling herself growing wet under his touch.

She needed him.

She wanted him.

The breeze filling her thoughts.

Leaning over towards her body he removed her vest top, kissing over her silk yellow satin bra, removing it discreetly from her breasts. 

Shivers raced up her back at the feel.

Holding him close to her, he started to remove her jeans, rolling them down her waist first, teasing her gentle curves, pulling them down her legs and shaking them from her feet.

I could feel him running his hands up her inner thighs.

Her wetness seeping through to her silk knickers.

His fingers trailed into her, rubbing me passionately.

Groans left her lips.

Her head thrown back in pure pleasure.

Running his hands gradually round her clit perfectly.

In rhythm.



Taking his time.

She could feel herself getting warmer.

Closer to giving up.

She didn’t want it to end.

She never wanted it to end.

She felt his lips and tongue run across her nipples, round the circles of her breasts, creating his torture against her skin.

She was there already.

She came and came against his pulsing hand.

Her juices leaving crystal clear traces.

The ride was at an end.

The night was closing in.

She needed more.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ One Response to Carnival

  • marco says:

    Congratulations on your sensual, velvet-like and highly evocative writing. I have enjoyed reading a couple of your pieces, extremely gentle in pace yet firm and pulsing with excitement in the imagery they provoked in me. Thank you, just reading you was a nice and surprising source of deep pleasure! I am sure that the sensuality is even more palpable in real life…but that’s something else, which I leave to you, would you like to pursue. In the meantime, I salute your talent. You have a special ‘touch’ with words. Well done. Ciao, x. marco.

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