June 14, 2008 § 3 Comments

She had no idea where she was.

The only thing she could hear was the wind hitting the wind chimes above her head.

The sound of them echoing loudly in her ears, the pace of them swinging creating a huge thump in her chest.

She could smell freshly cut grass, cut flowers, their pollen around her harshly.

The presence of them making her nose twitch uncontrollably.

She could feel the utter coldness of the room, the walls closing her in, the heat from the flickering candles warming her skin.

But she felt a sudden presence.

Someone was in the room with her, their breath slow and heavy.

A male breath, husky and dark. 

She could sense him.

Smell him.

Her eyes were covered with the feel of silk.

She could see nothing.

She was blind.


Darkness surrounding her.

She could feel steady footsteps approach her.

Hands unfastening the bondage around her fragile wrists, ankles and silk for her eyes.

His touch was warm, his hands large and so smooth.

His natural smell reminded her of soft sandalwood and cinnamon.

Butterflies collected in her stomach rapidly.

Her heart skipping a beat hard and fast.

As she finally laid eyeson her capturer he was beautiful.

Light blonde hair framed his face to perfection, penetrating blue eyes hotter than the sea waves together.

Pouting shaped rose bud lips, that looked to delicate to touch by hand.

She was in awe of his sight.

As she stared, he stroked her hair off of her face gently.

He said nothing…not a word…just the steady thump of his breathing against his chest.

There felt like no words could pass her lips.

Her mouth froze, almost shut down.

*      *     *     *    *    *

Circling around her.

He faced her.

His intense glare driving her wild in her seat with hunger for his touch.

She felt no fear.

No tears.

No shock.

She could do nothing.

She felt helpless to his restraints.

He finally found his way to the front of her.

Crouching down he asked her one thing.

His breath husky against his throat.

“Open your legs for me”

She complied immediately opening them wide, so he could clearly see straight up her silk black corset dress.

He knew exactly what to do, his hands so talented, like an artist at work.

He started to roll down her stockings.

Sliding them down her thighs one by one.

Her heelsremoved with one gracefull move.

The way he moved his fingertips.

His hands.

She could feel my wetness slipping through her silk underwear.

She knew it was visible to him because she could see his smile peek and wake across his face beautifully.

Tiny dimples creasing his cheeks.

Before She could pull herself from the dream world she was creating, he stood up and pulled her fiercely to him, pushing her back against the wall behind them.

He pinned her arms above her head.

His strong erection pressing against her swollen pussy.

Feelings of sudden fear and anticipation hit her hard.

Pressing his lips against hers.

Sucking and teasing, he ran his hands down her neck, outlining her pertrouding collar bone.

Smoothing his wondering fingers over her now fully hardened nipples, running them further down until sliding his hands gently into her knickers and burying them deep into her pussy.

Her head threw back.

Gasps leaving her lips loudly.

Her eyes dark.

Entwining them, curling them.

She could feel herself nearing orgasm.

Approaching like a steam train about to de-rail out of control.

She knew he could feel her nearing and stopped.

Her frustration showing like a storm.

Before she could even catch her breath and wake herslef, he lifted her.

The feel of soft duvets and pillows hit her back.

The smell of oak wood, draping curtains.

They filled her nose daringly.  

At this moment in time, it felt like all stood still.

Her eyes focused on the tiny dust particles floating around her head.

They focused on the neatly sewed hemming thread of the silk linen sheets her body was spread on.

Her every sense felt heightened.

Her mind tricking her.

She couldn’t tell what was reality and what was make believe anymore.

*    *    *    *    *

He took her hands and tied them with a fuchsia pink matt material Ishe knew well.

He wrapped them tightly round her wrists and ankles, pulling them taught to check their restraints.

Her stomach clenched as he ran his hands up her thighs.

His lips following in their path.

Rolling his tongue in circles.


Making her moan.

“Beg” He said breathlessly.

“Please, Please” she replied.

“More, beg me” He shouted.

“Make me cum, please Sir, make me cum” She screamed.

Her body now aching for release.

Suddenly his whole mouth engulfed her pussy.

Sucking it’s torment.

His tongue stroking deep within her.

Building her up gently.

Her hips moved from side to side.

Her thighs spread wide.

Her body shaking.

Her fingers scraping the head board above her head.

He knew how to make her cum and cum again over and over.

She was so close…

Before she knew it, he gripped her thighs and plunged his cock straight into her.

Her warmth surrounding him.

Covering him.

Gentle screams left her mouth.

His voice filling her head as she felt him contract.

It was enough to tip her over the edge, as her orgasm fast approached his.



Unravelling and controlling.

She could feel no part of her body.

Her legs had gone numb from the sensations.

Her breath still fast and hammering.

As she snapped back into reality finally, she felt his body lift.

His legs untangle from hers.

He uttered not one word and neither did she.




©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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