July 6, 2008 § 1 Comment

Bubbles quilted her body, the soft bursts against her skin making her gasp. 

Soft pearlescent colours whirled gently.

She could feel her muscles relaxing easily as the scent of spices and blossom from the aroma therapy oils filled her senses entirely, leaving an oily smear on her skin.

She felt renewed, reborn even, as the tiny flickering of tea lights surrounded her, highlighting her every curve immensely.

Bubbles tumbled around her head, allowing her senses to grow used to the sweet smell infiltrating her thoughts.

She didn’t notice that someone had quietly entered the bathroom, until a soft gust of wind flickered a few flames from the tea lights at her side.

She felt her heart beat suddenly in her chest, her cheeks growing red with anticipation.

Her breasts rose and fell under the milky water.

She felt a presence now, she could feel their slow breath floating through their lips.

In and out, in and out.

Panic started to seep into her veins.

Slowly and quietly, she raised herself from the halo of bubbles that had formed around her head, allowing her eyes to finally adjust to the darkness of the room.

She noticed a tall, dark figure standing in the corner, no features were present on their face.

Darkness covered them completely.

She realised he was a man from the broadness of muscle outline and shoulders, and the faint smell of aftershave.

Her mouth dropped open, but not even a scream could escape her lips.

Her words tangled in her throat tightly.

Sweat dangled from her upper lip.

She didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly the male figure emerged from the darkness, reflecting against the candles.

All was revealed.

His beauty making her moan huskily in the back of her throat.

Sharp piercing brown eyes detained her thoughts.

His dark hair falling around his face.

His skin so tenderly sun kissed.

His lips full and kissably red.

She lost all track of thought in that one moment.

Finally, reality bounced back, and she covered herself in her most private areas, her cheeks reddening slightly.

‘Please don’t hurt me’ she murmured, not even recognising her own voice.

The man laughed and bent down beside her, next to the bath.

Slowly he let his hands sink into the tepid water, the bubbles running smoothly over them.

He could feel her shivers slowly rippling through the water.

She couldn’t move, all that she could do was stare.

Allow him to do anything he wanted to her, without so much as a fuss.


He rolled his hands around her hips, feeling her soft skin goose bump under his touch.

He could feel her breath quickening.

He could feel her thighs shuddering gently, waiting for the coming approach.

Working his fingers, he slowly made his way up her inner thighs, towards the area that was by now craveing attention.

Feeling the heat illuminating from her, he suddenly plunged one, two, then three fingers into her wetness, slow determined moans escaping her lips.

He knew what she wanted.

Her head thrown back against the glass tub.

His breath flowing against her neck.

She was so close now. So close.

His thumb working gently against her clit with urgency.

He could feel her energy building, until suddenly, in a huge release of pleasure and excitement, she climaxed.

Her muscles cramped around his fingers.

Her juices trailing down the palm of his underwater hands.

She opened her eyes to see her pleasurer, and gasped in realisation.

He didn’t exist.

Only her hands between her thighs.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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