July 14, 2008 § 3 Comments

She was suspended in mid air, her arms tied tightly above her head with silk rope, the tightness cutting off her circulation slightly.

Her legs were spread and tied wide to a wooden post underneath her feet.

The tips of her toes just being able to barely touch the surface beneath her.

Her breath felt ragged and heavy at the waiting suspension.

She could not talk at all.

Not move.

A gag had been placed in her mouth ferociously.

A leather sash had been placed over her eyes to create darkness, the feel of it making her eyes hallucinate.

She felt lonely, cold and scared.

But a tinge of excitement crept and surged through her veins.

She could hear tiny mumblings, soft hums and sighs.

She knew she was being watched by people’s prying eyes, how many she wasn’t too sure.

A red blush crept into her cheeks and dissolved down to her chest.

Her nipples hardening uncontroubly under the corset that laid tightly over her body.

The colour of pure white.

Pushing her breasts up perfectly.

Tiny jewels glistened against the corset, creating a beautiful illusion to her watchers.

She could feel how wet she was.

The slow excitement creating a long path of stickiness down her thighs.

She could feel someone approaching.

Their harsh hands running rudely up and down her body.

Making her squirm under their hold.

She could feel another pair of hands on her body.

Lots of fingertips along her inches.

Pinching and twisting her breasts.

Teasing her mouth with their own lips gently.

Not allowing her a full kiss.

She couldn’t help moaning loudly.

Begging with her sobs.


She fell forward in shock.


Straight across her bottom.

The noise echoing in her ears.

Tears started to swell deeply in her eyes.

Threatening to spill.

Male laughs surrounded her.

Her bottom felt on fire.

Slowly creeping onto each cheek and dissolving.

Gentle hands soothed the area.

Another pair of hands wiped her tears away.

“Shhh, it’s ok you’ll have your release soon, for being such a good girl.” A male voice whispered in her ear.

She shuddered under his touch and under his teasing breath.

Slowly but firmly she felt finger tips on her clit.

Opening her up for all to see.

Stretching and pulling.

Her wetness leaking over their hands.

She could feel soft lips attend to her burning clit.

A tongue stretching her opening and pushing in deep.

Moans echoing around the hall.

“Beg.” A male voice shouted.

“Beg me to release you, you little slut.” He shouted again, removing the gag in her mouth harshly.

“PLEASE.” She screamed as hard as she could.

Now seeing all the eyes that were on her.

Slipping his fingers in deep.

Her whole face turning red.

She could feel a sudden probing of a male cock against her entrance.

The tip wet and sensually smooth against her.

Long and thick.

He pushed in, hard and suddenly.

She let out a loud scream.

Relax for me, let me in.” He pleaded.

Until he was full up to the hilt in her silkiness.

He pushed back and forth.

While the other male worshipped her clit with his tongue.

On and on.

Swirling and circulating round and round.

“Yes yes yes.” She moaned.

Her climax rattling against his mouth suddenly.

Her climax cramping round the other males cock hard.

Pushing him over the edge, as the other male let his load splash all over her thighs and stomach.

“Good girl.” They said in unison.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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