July 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

She stood in the courtyard, her frame captured by the moonlight that struck her curves to perfection.

She could feel her breasts rising and falling under the tight constriction of her emerald corset.

Fastened with silk ties.

Coated with pearl.

Her long dark hair falling to frame her face.

Pale and pure.

Blushing cheeks.

Rosy full lips.

She could feel he was near.

The courtyard was where she came to gather her thoughts.

To find inspiration above all else.

To write.

Stoned flooring under foot.

Fountains of delight.

The gentle bubbles bursting in the background.

She looked beautiful at midnight.

Her heart quickened.

She could see his dark hair and hear his boots pace the stone.

As he approached her, she could not stop but stare.

This is what she wanted.

His hands.

His mouth.

His love.

Her thoughts were stopped by the intrusion of his mouth covering hers.

His tongue entwining with hers.

His hands rolling down her curves.

They didn’t need to say a word.

She could feel wetness already forming between her thighs.

She’d lost control.

She was his entirely.

His hands lifting her dress.

The satin falling over his hands.

Her stocking tops greeting his touch.

She was amazing.

His hands entering her silk panties delicately.

Her body rising at the contact.

His fingers searching out her deepest secrets.

Pushing and pulling.



Seeping down his fingertips.

Soft moans curving her mouth.

This is how she wanted to be forever.

Stuck in the midst of midnight with him.


©Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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