December 31, 2008 § 2 Comments

 Glittery tassels.

Stockings under black silk.




Orgasms bursting like champagne sparkles.



They all want it.



The soft smells of mandarin and lime drifting through the grand halls.

Draped pinks and purples.




Hands running and trailing.

Tongues entering and pulling.

Legs spread like butterfly wings.

Happy New Year.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe



December 16, 2008 § 3 Comments

She wants to surprise him.

Her body coated in a soft line of vanilla and cinnamon oil.

Her lingerie black glitter and sheer toned.

He’ll be there soon.

His devious smile when his eyes run the length of her frame.

Lights down.

Covers thrown aside, draped over the floor in thick waves of Christmas red.

She knows how he likes it.



“Your back” She announces, her voice deep and husky in the back of her throat.

“Um yes I am, and what a delight I’ve come home too” He replies, running his eyes up and down, devouring her from the inside first.

“Get on your knees.” She commands, pulling his tie firmly in the fist of her hand, rubbing the line of red gloss on her lips across the bottom protruding lip of his.

Pushing him down, she rubs herself against his face, her urgency out of control.


Dripping silk folds around her thighs.

“Oh god, you smell exquisite.” He announces, grabbing her hips firmly and pulling her down to her knees harshly, level with him. 

“Fuck me, please!” She shouts, tearing of his crisp white shirt, buttons flying into the air particles around them.

Stockings ripped.

Knickers down.





“Oh god I’m so close!” She whispers against his neck, the warmth sending tingles down his spine.

The soft smell of cinnamon whispering into her thoughts.

“You’ve been a bad girl trying to command me, haven’t you?” He announced, thrusting into her harder and deeper, her warmth surrounding him entirely.

“Yes.” She cried out, her muscles clamping around the tip of his cock, tipping him over the edge too.

Her whole body freezing in that one moment.

Not wanting to let the little bursting bubbles of colour inside her go.

As her hands search for him.

Press to him.

Beg for him.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


December 8, 2008 § 5 Comments

 He threw her to the bed harshly, his veins pumping glitter of delight at the beauty in front of him.

Her body fastened to the bed with thick brassy rope, securing her ankles and wrists firmly.

Her body a lustful rosy glow, as his hands trickled down the tautness of her petite almost ballerina frame delicately.

Gently placing kisses in their paths.

He loved to tease.

Her wrists and ankles begging to be released.

The soft whisper of candle flames and the shadows of falling stars outside their window surrounding them.

Creating an almost dreamlike fantasy effect, dancing an unleashing across the walls softly around them. 

Their bodies urgent and meaning.

His slick en body pressing into hers.


“Please” She begged desperately into the cave of his ear.

“Make me cum” She pleaded, arching her back in passion.

Her breasts firm.

Her lips swelling and turning a dark shade of dirty cherry.

“Is this what you want?” He replied, lowering his body further down, his hands opening her thighs apart gracefully.

Her wetness streaking down the inside of her thighs obviously.

“Oh god!” She cried, as his lips and tongue went to work on her, unravelling her like a bright colour of ribbon.

Her mind slowing down.

Her eyes focusing on the tiny dust particles in the air, floating like small fairies around her.

She wanted him.

She wanted to taste his arousal.

Let her lips wrap and curl round the tip of his cock.

Roll her tongue round the length, allowing the tiny clear drop of crystal liquid drop onto her tongue.

But she was too far gone.

She could see his head of dark soft curls in between her legs.

His tongue and mouth creating her orgasm.

That was now fast approaching.

Stretching across her skin.

Pushing her fast to the surface.

Until the familiar burst shattered her from within.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


December 1, 2008 § 2 Comments

 It started out with a feeling between them, their hands searching under the table.

Brassy jazz playing around them in echoes.

Their glasses clinking, allowing a drop of martini to spill on to their lips.

Fingertips running along softness to catch the drip of the icy liquid from falling carefully.  

Their legs wrapped like ribbon.

Complete boundless pleasure.

Stockings against suit trousers.

Breath against neck.

Hands brushing away the urgency that filled their hearts.

They did not care.

Dewy wetness of her seeping onto his fingers.

Her open moans filling the smoky room, puffing out in tiny streams of lights.

His smile generous and open.

Her red silk dress falling to the side revealing Lacy stocking tops.

His kisses forcing her lips to bruise and stain.

His hands pushing her legs further and further apart.

The feel of her snapping at the pressure.

Her body rising and falling.

The dark curls of her hair falling delicately to frame her crimson face.

The room seeming glittery, almost whirling to her eyes.

His fingers working harder and faster.

Pulling the pleasure from her.

The feel of her warmth overwhelming his senses entirely.

The silkiness running the length of his hands.

Her body arching in the smooth darkness of her seat. 

He loved her.

In that moment.

He realised he loved her.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe

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