January 30, 2009 § 4 Comments

The hall was enriched with a feather-like glow of deep orange and red, the dark pine of the main table  indulged and decorated with heavenly foods and dark wines.

The tiny flicker of multicoloured tea lights highlighting the silk and satin drapes that hung proudly from the sloping walls, in heavy colours of India purples and blushing fuchsias.

A masked ball of delight.

Dazzling gowns and twinkling diamonds hanging from the ears and necks of the rich, their faces hidden by a collection of handmade masques of glitter and feathers.

In their minds they play a game of seduction.



Their hands fondling at the dinner table.

Wondering and exploring.

Their toes curling around decorated thighs.

Tiptoeing and teasing.



Their sighs and moans echoing around the halls.

Gowns ripped.

Ties thrown to the ground.

Her face a picture of delight.

His face a quirky smile, knowing exactly what she wants.

Making her cum.

Making him cum.




In a hall of lost passion.

That seems to be no more.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe



January 24, 2009 § 4 Comments

She doesn’t know that he watches.

When her toes are pointed and her thighs are dressed in glitter and lace.

The soft cascade of tumbling lights embracing her body.

Like the hands of a thousand needy lovers.

She teases and twirls.

Becoming the obsession.

The inspiration.


In a million coated silver diamonds.

He needs her.

Wants her.





He wants it all.

His hands trailing down to his trousers.


His need exploding like caged thunder.

His eyes running the lengths of her tiny frame.



The music pushing.

He can’t hold back.

His hands circling his now hard cock.




His fist tightening.

The only sound from his lips.

As he shatters into a billion pieces under her gaze.

Her name.

Twisting into the air.

That only he knows.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


January 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

His body was tense under the soft amber glow of the street lamps, the rain obscuring her view, making it hard to see where his searching hands were planning to rest.

The outline of his dark tailored suit rubbing against the porcelain bare essence of her naked thighs.

Her body tumbling underneath him.

Falling like lost stars.

Her skirt lifted against his pulling fingertips, as his mouth gripped to the inner curve of her neck.

“I want you.” He murmured, feeling her bare pussy, uncovered by any sort of silk materiel.

“Then have me.” She begged breathlessly, raising her legs around his masculine hips, allowing him full entry to her dripping entrance.

“You’re a dirty slut do you know that?” He asked, thrusting into her deeply, hurting her slightly.

“Oh please, please fuck me!” She begged, the rain now crashing around them, creating tiny pools of ghost whispers along the pavements.

Her body convulsing against him.

The familiar feel of his orgasm close behind.

“I’m cumming!” Her screams and his moans escaping, running the lengths of the deserted streets around them.

Their bodies falling apart like smashed dolls.

Against one another.

In the echo of the night.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


January 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

 Her hands came up above her head.

The tiny goosebumps on her arms trailing gently like the kisses of fairies wings.

His hands forcing her to the soft caress’s of multicoloured ribbons that he was tying tightly around her wrists.

Her hair falling in tumbles of dark curls around the halo of pillows that lay under her head.

“You’re horny aren’t you?” 

His hands trailing up the contours and winding curves of her hips and stomach.

“I bet your dripping

She could feel her head turning light and dizzy.

Her veins pumping stars of passion.

Please touch me”

She could feel her pride running away with her, the heat of her body trailing and falling to the floor in a messy heap.

“Do you think you’ve been good enough?”

His hand pulling on the tightly secured ribbon harshly, making her throat tighten with need.

The familiar smell of his arousal clouding her senses entirely.

His soft thump of breathing comforting her.


The tiny flicker of candles moving with her whisper.

“Is this what you want?”

His head falling into her open thighs, his tongue burying into her depths.

“Oh god!”

His teasing causing her head to thrash from side to side.

Her red lips smudging down her rosy cheeks.

“Suck my cock you naughty girl!”

Her mouth being filled with the silky feel of his skin, his musky scent wrapping her up.

“Good girl”

She could feel him contracting as she swirled her tongue around the head, pulling his orgasm to the surface.

“You should stop before I cum, I want to fuck you first, open your legs!”

She had vanished from this room, her body surrendering to his every command.

She could feel his cock slipping into her wetness, filling her up to the hilt.

Her moans filling the air like crazed ghosts.

“Yes, Yes!”

Her orgasm hitting her like a million stars.

Making her fall quickly back down.

His orgasm filling her up.

His contractions pulling her to life.

They were one in that second.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe

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