January 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

 Her hands came up above her head.

The tiny goosebumps on her arms trailing gently like the kisses of fairies wings.

His hands forcing her to the soft caress’s of multicoloured ribbons that he was tying tightly around her wrists.

Her hair falling in tumbles of dark curls around the halo of pillows that lay under her head.

“You’re horny aren’t you?” 

His hands trailing up the contours and winding curves of her hips and stomach.

“I bet your dripping

She could feel her head turning light and dizzy.

Her veins pumping stars of passion.

Please touch me”

She could feel her pride running away with her, the heat of her body trailing and falling to the floor in a messy heap.

“Do you think you’ve been good enough?”

His hand pulling on the tightly secured ribbon harshly, making her throat tighten with need.

The familiar smell of his arousal clouding her senses entirely.

His soft thump of breathing comforting her.


The tiny flicker of candles moving with her whisper.

“Is this what you want?”

His head falling into her open thighs, his tongue burying into her depths.

“Oh god!”

His teasing causing her head to thrash from side to side.

Her red lips smudging down her rosy cheeks.

“Suck my cock you naughty girl!”

Her mouth being filled with the silky feel of his skin, his musky scent wrapping her up.

“Good girl”

She could feel him contracting as she swirled her tongue around the head, pulling his orgasm to the surface.

“You should stop before I cum, I want to fuck you first, open your legs!”

She had vanished from this room, her body surrendering to his every command.

She could feel his cock slipping into her wetness, filling her up to the hilt.

Her moans filling the air like crazed ghosts.

“Yes, Yes!”

Her orgasm hitting her like a million stars.

Making her fall quickly back down.

His orgasm filling her up.

His contractions pulling her to life.

They were one in that second.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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