January 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

His body was tense under the soft amber glow of the street lamps, the rain obscuring her view, making it hard to see where his searching hands were planning to rest.

The outline of his dark tailored suit rubbing against the porcelain bare essence of her naked thighs.

Her body tumbling underneath him.

Falling like lost stars.

Her skirt lifted against his pulling fingertips, as his mouth gripped to the inner curve of her neck.

“I want you.” He murmured, feeling her bare pussy, uncovered by any sort of silk materiel.

“Then have me.” She begged breathlessly, raising her legs around his masculine hips, allowing him full entry to her dripping entrance.

“You’re a dirty slut do you know that?” He asked, thrusting into her deeply, hurting her slightly.

“Oh please, please fuck me!” She begged, the rain now crashing around them, creating tiny pools of ghost whispers along the pavements.

Her body convulsing against him.

The familiar feel of his orgasm close behind.

“I’m cumming!” Her screams and his moans escaping, running the lengths of the deserted streets around them.

Their bodies falling apart like smashed dolls.

Against one another.

In the echo of the night.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


§ 3 Responses to Rain

  • merlin17 says:

    The erotic appeal of a man’s business suit is something I am still trying to understand. Is it the image of authority? The cut of the fabric, making the man’s body look fitter than it is? The phallic symbolism of the tie? I do know that Nimue is extremely aroused when she sees me in one . . . and though I have not fucked her on the street in a rainstorm, I have ravaged her without removing my charcoal grey worsted.

  • rogue says:

    Very hot, very hot.
    “Oh please fuck me” words that make any man hard, and very aroused.

  • Sweet, hot Charlotte – how can I melt and be so hard at the same time? Only you do that to me.

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