March 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

The olive trees looked alive with colour against her bright blue eyes, the curve of their storks obvious against the brittleness of the oak.

The garden feasting with the soft decadence of early spring.

The gentle hum of the wind picking up the falling petals as they surrounded her feet in an array of sun kissed oranges and pinks, her toes curling in pleasure as the soft petals touched her every step.

This was her secret garden of beauty and life.

She could only see him from a distance, his olive skin glistening like mirrors against the sun now looming closely above them, his hands burying into the ground beneath him planting seeds and small cherry trees, small dirt particles sticking to his fingers.

When he turned for one second in time she could feel the well known thump of her heart caressing her chest uncontrollably as his eyes met hers across the sloping fields of green, her hands shaking slightly at her sudden need and deviant thoughts that were now straining her consciousness.

She wanted him.

To have him straining against her doll like body, as the breeze brought them closer to release.

She wanted to taste his arousal flowing into her mouth, coating her every inch.

The clear drop of liquid grazing delicately against her tongue or running down her thighs.

Her knickers now wet with her own arousal as she watched him dig deeper, imagining his hands pushing into her.

Ripping out her secrets.

His fingertips working her hidden crevices, until the familiar sight of her silky wetness fell down his hands.

His tongue lapping it up immensely.

“I want you.” She whispered against the wind, her back now leaning against a willow tree, tiny shades of grass tickling in between her toes.

“You want what?” Replied his voice huskily against her neck.

“Oh I, I mean, oh well I.” She replied, tripping over her own words, her throat tightening harshly.

“What do you want?” He asked again, his hands now falling to her waist, her corset tugging on her ribs.

“I, I want you.” She replied, blushing crimson and looking to the floor, covering her embarrassment from his searching eyes.

“I see.” He said, his hands now untying the tightly woven rope at the back of her deep emerald gown, allowing it to drop the floor in a pool around her bare feet.

“Oh Sir, I can’t, I mustn’t!” She squealed against his chest. Her body now left openly in her black corset, matching suspenders and french sewn knickers, each twist obvious.

“Oh but you must!” He replied laughing at her innocence, his mouth and lips wrapping around her neck and lower breasts.

Sighs now freely escaping her mouth.

“Oh Sir.” She moaned, her body falling into his utter control as he ran his hands down to her suspenders and knickers, removing them over her thighs and tiny petite toes.

Her body shaking slightly in the evening sun as it started to set beautifully against the fall of leaves and the protection of mountains.

“I will show you how a man is supposed to pleasure a woman.” He said as he bent to the floor, his lips and tongue fully engulfing her pussy, her body falling limp against his ministrations as he worked her faster with his expert tongue.

His fingers delving into her warmth, pushing and opening her fully.

Her mind now gone.

Her eyes settling on the small drifts of dandelion seeds floating around in the air.

“Oh you taste so amazing!” He announced as he stood up to undo his dark blue trousers to release his beautiful cock, that now stood proud and glistening against the shade of the downy trees.

The smell of his arousal seeping through her senses.

His body lunging forward and lifting her thighs up and open to receive him in one swift motion.

Both moans now scattering in to the air freely.

They moved with rhythm and with grace.

Locked together in the garden of secrets.

As they burst as one.

Their spirits released.

Their bodies falling to the floor.

Among the path of pinks and oranges.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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