October 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

Her mind raced harshly against her temples as the erotic images hanging on the art gallery wall set in.

Contrasts of dark oranges and fire-breathing yellows echoed softly against her chest as the images came to life.

The bodies in-front of her moving, as they arched and moaned in a symphony of drowning deep colours.

She felt his lips on her neck, the familiar smell of his intoxicating aftershave, the feel of his suite against her back.

His hands running the length of her waist and curve as the images turned her on more and more.

This was his trap.

He knew her so well.

The erotic images now fiesting on her open body, as his hand peeled of her vintage dress.




She was lost against those images.

Those memories.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe



October 9, 2009 § 3 Comments

Her hand fell delicately against the fine lining of his suit trousers as he sat opposite her.

Her nerves running like sharp glitter, pricking her lightly all over her body.

Her body now unable to control itself as his hands slipped lightly down the silk ties of her vintage corset, tugging harshly to open her up.

That knowing smug smirk on his face that always turned her on.

Made her squirm.

His hands removing her heels.

His mouth devouring her breasts.

She was nothing to him.

Nothing but a mere conquest as his hands slipped up the folds of her skirt, pulling down her suspenders and pushing her lace knickers aside, allowing them to drop on to the floor.

He wanted her.

Passion blazing through his hands.



Arching her back.

She was his infatuation.


© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe

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