Memories of insanity

November 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Brighton’s coloured lights set a horizon of multicoloured blur against her eyes as she lay on the beach, the cold embrace of the sea rushing between her toes and soaking her white dress, as his lips traced the delicate lining of her neck, desperate and needy.

Mascara smudged down her face.

Her lips urgent against his.

Bruising with passion.

Begging words leaving their smokey lips as the music echoed from the overflowing bars above.

Pushing and pulling.

Her mind racing with the taste of absinthe.

The night a blur around her as the length of his cock pushed deeply inside of her making her moan in need.

The water freezing around them, christening the November month.

His masculine smell flooding her senses.

His tongue dancing inside of her mouth, pulling her to insanity.

Rising and falling as her legs opened further.

Arching and burning against the pebbled stones that dug into her back and her scraping hands.

Seedy and naughty.

© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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