Dressing Room

April 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

The colours of the hand-made costumes and masques lined the walls of the theatre dressing room, vibrant sequined pinks and sunshine yellows threaded and weaved across hangers and vintage dressers.

The smell of sweet musk and jasmine filling her senses, as his lips came down against the arch of her neck, his tongue tip-toeing around the length of her collar-bone, leaving a cold trail of goose-bumps in its path.

A slight moan escaping her lips.

Her urges and built up tension finally being released.

As his lips carried on their teasing, she felt soft silk rope being tied tightly around her wrists, his body forcing her back against the coldness of the theatre walls.

Her pussy now becoming wet with anticipation, as his hands weaved around her wrists, his lips promising her dirty things, that she knew she would give into.

He was everything to her.

A dirty obsession that she kept to herself.

Her eyes now blind, all she could feel was his breath against her body, his fingertips removing her sequined costume, pulling her knickers aside as he played in the depths of her wetness, her arousal deceiving her against his clever manipulations.

Her body begging him to give her more.

The ache within her now burning brightly and painfully against her every limb.

The sensations now amazing, as his fingers pushed between her folds, dropping to his knees to lap at her inner most parts.

Her body arching against him, trying to pull his head in more closely.

Her thighs wrapping him.

Her moans echoing against the theatre walls, as she could feel her orgasm building.

His hands roaming and teasing the peaks of her breasts, now swollen with desire.

Her body urgent for relief, his cock now entering deeply into her, pushing her open almost painfully.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, his familiar scent filling her senses, making her body ache even more.

His thrusts urgent against her, as her orgasm hit her, her body falling like star dust against him, as his filled her deeply.

Her pink lipstick and glittered eyes now smudged from their games.

Hidden from everyone else.

© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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