January 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

He knew he could not resist her as she sat across from him at the grand oak dining table, the small dancing shimmers of candle light reflecting teasingly across the arch of her cleavage, that was so openly presented to him.

He knew he could not withstand her manipulations for much longer.

The way her gown fell in soft piles of dark blue silk around her, the deep slash revealing the curve of her delicate back.

Grand pearls that he had bought her for a present tied with golden rope hanged erotically around her neck.

The pearls begging to be undone and ripped off.  

He desired her more than he can ever remember desiring anyone before.

The suffering of his straining hardness pushing against the dark cloth of his breeches.

The tease in her stare, in her smile forced this from him.

Time could only tell to how much longer he could withstand her teasing for.

© Copyright of Charlotte Thorpe


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