The writer

How old are you?

  • Twenty one

What are you passionate about in life?

  • Love, sex, life, dancing, erotic books, him and beautiful lingerie

Describe yourself in five words.

  • Dark haired, vintage, flirty, passionate and bubbly

What is your preferred era of Erotica?

  • I am obsessed with Victorian erotica

Choose five items you could not live without.

  • Bright red lipstick, stockings, him, black stiletto heels and my journal

What are three of your best features?

  • My corset waist, lips and my feet

What is your signature scent?

  • Jo Malone, lime basil and mandarin

What are you obsessed with?

  • Stockings, garter belts, hand made corsets, silk bras and sex

When are you more alive, morning or night?

  • Night

What’s your star sign?

  • Taurus

Name four hobbies you enjoy.

  • Writing, oral sex, ballet and walking in forests.

Who are you inspired by?

  • Him

Anyone who has slept with you would say what?

  • I like to keep things interesting

What are  your favourite sexual items?

  • My silk black knickers and matching corset

What part of the male anatomy is your favorite?

  • Their cocks …

What’s your deepest secret?

  • Now that would be telling wouldn’t it Sir?

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

  • Cyprus

What are you always thinking about?

  • The deepest, darkest and dirtiest fantasies

What is your true calling in life?

  • To be an artist






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